We are a Tokyo based creative design studio specialized in the field of advanced digital design production for computer graphics, video games, physical installations and other media.Our work is guided by intermingling art and technology with an ultimate aim to built values for the next generation and contribute to society.

We are looking for skilled artists and programmers who value curiosity and passion.
If you think our company is cool, want to work in Tokyo or you are already here, can or cannot speak Japanese, please contact us.

◆Job Description
Production of a wide range of digital contents based on interaction and user experience.
  • modeling
  • animation
  • effects (visual effects/simulation of video production)
  • composite (setup/lighting/rendering/composite)
Visual representation of designs and ideas.
  • 2D graphic design creation (UI design, character, background, symbol, logo, animation, effects)
◆Job Requirements
  • good use of: Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, ZBrush, Mudbox, MotionBuilder, Unity, UnrealEngine, RealFlow, AfterEffects, Nuke, etc.
  • able to communicate and work within a team
  • at least 2+ years experience and/or drawing skills
  • clear communication skills in English and/or Japanese
  • experience in dealing with diverse culture is an advantage
◆Job Description
Development of games, interactive contents, apps, software for R&D.
Development of games, CG software, editing software etc. (plug-in, script, shader etc.)
◆Job Requirements
  • good use of: OS (Windows, MacOS, linux, iOS, Android); C, C++, C#, ObjectiveC, PHP, Java, RDB(MySQL, SQLite), Python; UnrealEngine, Unity、PhyreEngine
  • flexible creative thinking, willingness to challenge and pursue new technologies
  • clear communication skills in English and/or Japanese
  • mathematics / physics skills is a plus
2-35-20 TamagawadaiSetagaya-ku Tokyo, Japan, 158-0096
3-6-11 Kamiyoga Setagaya-ku Tokyo, Japan, 158-0098
10 min-walk from Yoga Station
【Other Salary Description】
1 salary raise / year, bonus, transportation (max. 20,000 JPY), insurance, housing allowance
Weekends (sat/sun), official holidays, summer holiday, new year's eve holiday, paid holiday, prenatal / childcare / nursing care holiday
Based on experience
【How to apply】
Please send us an email at contact with your cv and links to your previous works.